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  • License for 1 Sites
  • 1 Month of Updates & Support
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  • License for 1 Sites
  • 1 Year of Updates & Support
$69 /year
  • License for 1 Sites
  • Lifetime Updates & Support
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❗ The plugin can only be used for ONE sport at a time.

Premium Features:

☑️  Standing – Advanced Columns Builder
☑️  Standing – Conference and Division support
☑️  Bracket view for knockout stages
☑️  Results Matrix table
☑️  Game Scoreboard with image background
☑️  Page Layout Builder for games and teams (with tabs)
☑️  Shortcode – Games Horizontal Scoreboard
☑️  Widget – Calendar
☑️  Widget – GameDay slides


☑️  Team game formation
☑️  Tournament – gamedays as slides
☑️  Standing – manual data edit
☑️  Standing – more ranking rules
☑️  Commentary Block (Play-By-Play)
☑️  Head to Head games Block
☑️  Team Trophies
☑️  Widget – Next game with countdown
☑️  + Premium addons (MegaMenu, Custom Sidebars)


Want more features? Just let me know.
Create a new idea or vote for a specific feature at > Community Portal



>> How to install the premium version of a plugin?
  • Install free version of Sports Leagues from repo. Activate it.
  • Go to the “Sports Leagues” >> “Go Premium”. And Click Buy button.
  • Download premium version by the link from a successful payment email. Manually install it. Activate with a licence key.
  • Check “First Steps in Sports Leagues Premium” tutorial.
>> Do I need a free plugin version after premium installed?

Yes. Premium version adds extra features and functionality to the core free plugin. So, you need them both to be installed and activated.

>> Troubleshooting: common problems

Before sending a support request, please check:

  • free core plugin is installed and activated
  • a premium plugin is installed and activated
  • required CMB2 plugin is installed and activated
>> Pre-sale question

Have a pre-sale question? Need clarification?
Send me e-mail to:

>> What happens when my subscription expires?

Monthly subscription: premium addon will be deactivated. But you can continue to use the free version of the plugin.
Annual subscription: premium addon will continue to work, but you will no longer receive plugin updates and premium support.

>> Is There a Renewal Discount?

Yes, we offer a discount for yearly plan.

>> Is there a setup fee?

No. There are no setup fees.

>> Do I get updates for the premium addon?

Yes! Automatic updates are available free of charge as long as you have valid license.

Game Scoreboard
with image background

more info

Conference and Division support

Show teams in the Standing table grouped by conference or division.

more info

Commentary Block (Play-By-Play)

Display game events in a special commentary block.

more info

Bracket Layout

more info

Page Layout Builder

more info

Teams Game Formation

more info

Calendar Slider

more info

Game Rating

more info

More Ranking Rules

Manual Standing Data Edit

more info

Advanced Standing
Columns Builder

more info

Games Horizontal Scoreboard

more info

Tournament Games
as GameDay Slides

more info

Calendar Widget

Show list of games on the specific date. Tournament and team filter available.

more info

Next Game Widget with Countdown

Show next game with countdown. Two styles available.

more info

GameDay Slides
Widget and Shortcode

Show game days as slides.

more info

Team Trophies

Show team trophies at the team page.

more info

Head-to-Head games

Matrix Results

more info

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